Wishing time away

It’s so easy to wish you were somewhere else whether a place in life, in geographical terms or in yourself.

I am the queen of wishing I was somewhere else. When I started this blog (A little more free), I continually shared my joyfulness because I had realised that I was exactly where God wanted me, exactly were I was meant to be after a few months and even years wishing I was somewhere else.


Now, I’m in that awful hideous place again, wishing I was anywhere but here. I’m back at College and I like some of the things I’m learning but I’m absolutely hating the work I have to do. It takes me back to my insecurities of not feeling good or clever enough. A common theme for me over my life.

I spend so much time wishing away time rather than looking at where I am and praising God for it and being thankful and excited about it.

I also think lots about myself, my life, my feelings – which are fine. But I think about them so much I sometimes push God out, I need to remind myself about God and his character. His faithfulness and his love.

This verse is such as great reminder of Gods amazingness!

Because YOUR love is BETTER THAN LIFE, my lips with GLORIFY YOU
-Psalm 63:3


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