Lookin’ good

Recently on my Facebook newsfeed I’ve some noticed adverts and a few facebook friends are representing and promoting weight loss companys. So constantly on my news feeds I’m told and shown things like this:

‘She’ll definitely be bikini ready for summer” (including photos comparing weight loss)

‘There’s no time like the present those jeans won’t enlarge themselves !!’

‘So who’s decided that this is the month they are going to start working on their summer bodies ?’


Geee, pressure or what. And it doesn’t stop on my newsfeed even in adverts, billboards, fashion stores, magazines and many more places I’m exposed to deceptive and damaging images, pressures and ‘encouragements’ of becoming the perfect looking human being.

I use to be in a place where I put my trust, security and worth in the way I looked and let me tell you it was miserable. It was impossible to live up to the standards of the world and worst of all the standards in my head. And it saddens me to see others fall for that trap yet it’s such an easy trap which is impossible to avoid in this poisonous world.

What makes me mad is these ‘health’,  weight loss and fashion companies target the very thing that can totally consume women (and men). How they look. They pin-point all the problems people have – as if they dont already know. Then they offer them a solution, almost like the snake offering Eve the apple. ‘You can become better in the eyes of the world if you just take a bit of this, try this. You’ll be so much more happier’. Not true.

We are told there is a solution to us feeling rubbish about ourselves, they claim both the problem and solution is physical. Which is so not true, it’s the innerself thats broken. Someone once said to me we all have a ‘God-shaped’ hole in our hearts, we try to fill it up with whatever we can; materialistic things, relationships, money, power but nothing will fit. Only God can fill that part of our heart to make it whole. If only everyone would realise the solution to this emptiness.

The thing is I believe it’s ok for you too want to look and feel good but the difficult bit….not making it an idol. To be honest with you I know how consuming it all is with the pressures to live to the worlds standards, I took the apple from the snake and with that it opened my eyes to many more flaws I’d never noticed or thought I had. So when I became a Christian I had SO much comfort knowing that I am ok just the way I am. From developing my relationship with God and learning more about God’s love for me it resulted in me viewing myself in a great light so I was happy because God made me that way. I then celebrated differences and individuality, I saw how beautiful it was that God made each and everyone of us in a very special and different way. There is so much more than how things look physically.

It’s like in Mark 2 when Jesus heals the paralyzed man. When the paralyzed mans’ friends bring him to Jesus everyone there expects Jesus to heal him physically and make him stand up and walk, but no…

‘When Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic, “Son your sins are forgiven”. (Mark 2:5)

Bet they were so confused when they heard that. Er hello there, he needs to walk we can deal with sins later!? But from this action Jesus showed how important the heart is. He shows the heart is more important than the physical being. From this we can see how much we need HIM in our hearts moulding, mending and working through our brokenness through this his light will shine within us. We are told to guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it (Proverbs 4:23). It’s a pretty special place, God says so.

Don’t let this world trick you into percieving things the way they do, twisted, broken and corrupted. Percieve them for what they really are, through God’s eyes.




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