The JOY of the LORD

Today has been tough.

I learnt an old christian friend is moving in with her boyfriend – huge decision. A boy from school died (and he’s the second one to die this year). I’m also struggling and grieving over a friend as well as wrestling with the loneliness and feelings of failure as an unemployed graduate. Man, this world feels mean at the moment!

So much stuff.

So much bad stuff.

Today I was also reminded that God, in his almighty power is GOOD.

Through our suffering and struggling in life I was reminded that ‘the JOY of the LORD is (truly) my STRENGTH’ (Nehemiah 8:10)

He is great, SO much greater than any of my fears or worries. Remembering who HE is reminds me there is no need to worry – cause my Fathers got it. HE is my hope.